Need a good service for translation ? Now Transila comes with some affordable and great service. Translia offers professional translation services for you. All of translation are done by professional translator who can guarantee your satisfaction. Translia also offer 24 hours services so you can request for service anytime. This is called online quick service. With this service you can get professional translation as easy as you shop on any online store.
Translia also offer affordable services which guarantee the best translation result for you. Translia support some language such as : Spanish, French, German, Italian and any other languages(total 129 language supported). Translia also offer wide kinds of file formats such as : Microsoft Office, Open Office, GNU Gettext, HTML, XLIFF, etc (total 15 kinds). Translia also offer some subjects as : Website translation, Technical translation, Business translation, etc. Translia also offer some customizable services such as : Standard translation for quality, quick translation for time, and gist translation for saving. The word lengths that Translia can translate are start from one to unlimited.
Translia also gives 100% money back satisfaction guarantee that will ensure your satisfaction. Translia will send back your credits if you are unsatisfied with its services. 
So don't wait again and use Translia for your translation services.

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  1. YakuYaku // June 21, 2010 at 3:04 AM  

    Will they definitely back the money if they fail to satisfy the client?Is it possible?I don't think so.